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24 Juni 2015
Diskon heboh!!!
IDEALIFE IL-130s 2-in-1 Vacuum & Blow Cleaner detail

22 Juni 2015
Diskon heboh!!!
promo besar-besaran detail

19 Juni 2015
Promo heboh !!!
Garment steamer mini IL-131T

31 Maret 2015
Promo harga hot
Diskon besar-besaran!!! detail

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About Us


Corporate History

2003 - IDEALIFE - Home Innovations Company is established in Jakarta, INDONESIA

2003 - First Product Introduced: Industrial Fan + Automatic Fragrance

2004 - Home Appliance Products are introduced: Vacuum Cleaners, Kitchen / Bathroom Scale, Electric Kettles, Wireless Doorbells

2005 - Home Appliance Products Advancement: Garment Steamer, Oven, Electrical Stove

2006 - 2010: Home Appliance Products Advancement: Pest Control, Flashlights, Emergency Lamp

2009 - is established

2010 - & is established

2012 - Marketing campaign via E-Commerce is established

2013 - The future awaits.......

Our Company 

IDEALIFE - Home Innovations vowed to continue to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make like more comfortable and convenient. Since 2003, our company has been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that incorporate far more features than you would expect at the price.

Although much has changed and lifestyles have become more varied, our corporate philosophy of “Home Innovations” continues to be reflected in our many products and services.

Lifestyles may be more diverse in today’s world, but people everywhere continue to seek products and services that make their lives more enjoyable and satisfying. Whether it is an easy-to-use pest repeller or other kitchen appliances, our products are designed with this understanding in mind. Our efforts to develop products with these sorts of subtle details are guided by our corporate slogan “Home Innovations” , we at IDEALIFE - Home Innovations offer people a myriad of ways to make their lives better.

We will continue to actively bring to market products and services that give people a sense of confidence and satisfaction. We're constantly thinking ahead to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our many and varied customers with clever, affordable products that are simple and easy to use.

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Alexander Sibero
Barang bagus sesuai dengan pesanan... purechas tokopedia

sudah terima ya gan... fast response

Sinta Fabriela Nawangsari
Vacuum cleaner nya sdh sampai gan, makasih, smga sukses.. purechas tokopedia

Sinta Fabriela Nawangsari
Vacuum cleaner nya sdh sampai gan, makasih, smga sukses..

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