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product arrow IDEALIFE - 2 in 1 Vacuum & Blow Cleaner - Penyedot Debu 2 in 1 - IL-130s

Price Rp 564.000
Rp 498.830

IDEALIFE - Mini Vacuum Cleaner - Penyedot Debu (IL-130s)

Specifications :

  • 2in1: Vacuum and Blow Cleaner
  • Dust Capacity: 0.6 Litre
  • HEPA Filter and washable system
  • Dry vacuuming only
  • Transparent Dust Tank
  • Nozzle Accesories Included
  • Shoulder belt included
  • Suitable for home and car
  • WARNING: pemakaian max 30menit lalu bisa di pakai lagi setelah 30detik dalam kondisi OFF

  • Wattage : 600Watt
  • Pcs per Carton :  6Pcs
  • Barcode No : 499.255.873.592.2
  • Outer Carton Dimension : 50.5*42.5*39Cm
  • Gift Box Dimension :  41*16.5*18.5Cm
  • Kg per Carton : 17Kg
  • Gram per Pcs : 3Kg
  • NO. HS LABEL :  8508.11.00.00
  • NO. Pendaftaran Buku Manual & Kartu Garansi: I.31.IM2.00801.1213 

Kenapa pilih HEPA Filter:
Many vacuum cleaners also use HEPA filters as part of their filtration systems. This is beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers, because the HEPA filter traps the fine particles (such as pollen and dust mite feces) which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. For a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner to be effective, the vacuum cleaner must be designed so that all the air drawn into the machine is expelled through the filter, with none of the air leaking past it. This is often referred to as "Sealed HEPA" or sometimes the more vague "True HEPA". Vacuum cleaners simply labeled "HEPA" may have a HEPA filter, but not all air necessarily passes through it. Finally, vacuum cleaner filters marketed as "HEPA-like" will typically use a filter of a similar construction to HEPA, but without the filtering efficiency. Because of the extra density of a true HEPA filter, HEPA vacuum cleaners require more powerful motors to provide adequate cleaning power.

Jangan dipakai 30menit ON selalu
bisa ON allau OFF jika saat pakai
akan overheat jika 30menit di nyalakan tanpa STOP





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