IDEALIFE - Digital Measuring Spoon Scale - Timbangan Sendok 0.5Kg/0.1Gr - IL–210A

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IDEALIFE - Digital Measuring Spoon Scale – Timbangan Sendok 0.5Kg/0.1Gr - IL–210A

Specifications :

  • 0.5 Kg Max with 0.1 Gram Accuracy
  • Measurements in Grams, Oz, gn, ct
  • Small Scoop 30ML, Large Scoop 60ML
  • NEW - Large Black LCD Premium Digital Display
  • 43secs Auto Off / Manual Off Function
  • Auto Zero
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Battery: CR2032 x 1 – Included
  • Pcs per Carton: 60 Pcs
  • Barcode No : 9852.211.00843
  • Outer Carton Dimension : 57.5 x 45 x 30.5Cm
  • Gift Box Dimension :   29 x 8.5 x 4.5Cm
  • Kg per Carton :  7.8Kg
  • Gram per Pcs :   200Gr
  • NO. HS LABEL : 8423.10.1000

MKG: IMKG.2378.09.2022


  • Spoon scales are a mess-free way to measure without any guesswork since the digital interfaces display the exact grams on the spoon. With a spoon scale, you won't have to worry about how tightly you need to pack an ingredient and your measurements can be more precise. Whether you're looking to stick to specific portion measurements or turn out the perfect baked goods every time, spoon scales are a seriously handy kitchen tool. 

    Additionally, these kitchen gadgets free up valuable drawer or counter space since you won't have to keep sets of measuring spoons and cups on hand when a spoon scale can get the job done in one fell swoop — which will also save you cleanup time. We found spoon scale options that range from standard to multi-use, plus a handy compact digital scale for bigger needs. 


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